Refine Energy acquires Petroleum Lease 18

Refine Energy acquires Petroleum Lease 18

11 December 2019

Refine Energy, together with their investment partner Surat Development Group, are pleased to announce the acquisition of Petroleum Lease (PL18) from Chelsea Oil Australia and Brisbane Petroleum.

PL18 is an established oil production lease located in the southern Surat basin in Queensland near the town of St George. Bridge Oil originally developed PL18 in 1970’s with production extending through to the early 2000’s. The PL contains a range of wells, surface infrastructure and production facilities.

The lease encompasses a number of discovered oil fields including Thomby Creek, Yellowbank Creek, Yellowbank Creek North  and McWhirter East together with a range of promising  prospects and leads. Total lease area is 46,482 acres.

The lease contains oil reserves with a significant resource base of up to 5.9 million barrels of  oil. Approximately 6% of recoverable oil resources have produced to date. Refine Energy is the Operator of PL18 and plans to recommence production early in 2020 across the existing facilities. There are also plans to implement enhanced oil recovery technologies  and assess new well prospects, both in-fill drilling and appraisal of  new drilling  targets.

Refine Energy plans to utilize their  recently acquired drilling and workover rigs to undertake all well repairs,  development drilling  and exploration work programs.

Critical to the success of this acquisition are plans to ensure the asset is brought into full compliance with all regulatory and operational  standards and codes of practice. This will be achieved  using the Refine Energy  proprietary compliance and operational management system, CYBRIX. (

PL18 represents the first in a number of ongoing acquisition and rejuvenation projects that Refine Energy is currently progressing,

Refine Energy’s  competitive,  low cost approach to field operations combined with in house capability to workover and drill wells allows commercialization of what has previously seen as non-economic, stranded onshore oil and gas resources.  PL18 provides the opportunity for Refine Energy to demonstrate what can be done  to unlock  valuable energy resources for Queensland in a safe, compliant  and cost effective manner.

Refine Energy is now actively seeking farm-in and acquisition opportunities for new assets. More information on new business opportunities and Refine Energy capabilities can be found at the Refine Energy website (


Refine Energy sign Letter of Intent with Key Petroleum

Refine Energy is pleased to announce that it has executed a non-binding Letter of Intention (“LOI”) with Cooper Basin Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Key Petroleum Limited, for drilling services within ATP 924 in the Cooper-Eromanga Basin. The Scope of Work includes drilling of two wells, being Ace-1 and Alfajor-1 in ATP 924.

Refine Energy plans to deploy Rig 02 to ATP 924 with an expected program duration of a minimum of 50 days which is expected to commence in 2020.
This latest LOI expands on Refine Energy’s active drilling and workover program with Rig 01 which is currently based in the Perth Basin, WA.



Refine Energy Heavy Workover Rig #1 Acquisition

Refine Energy Heavy Workover Rig #1 Acquisition

Refine Energy is pleased to announce that it has recently acquired a heavy workover Rig that is suitable for a wide range of onshore well interventions. The Rig is currently engaged to complete a number of well workovers in West Australia through to Q4 2019 after which it is planned to mobilise to the Eastern states.

The Rig has a hook load capability of 212,000 lb’s which makes it suitable for well interventions up to 4000m.

The Rig will be seeking new workover campaigns from Q4 2019 and will be available to to commence work in SA/NSW/QLD from Q4 2019. Interested parties should contact Refine Energy.

The overall specifications of the Rig are as follows;

Manufacturer: Ideco
Engine HP Rating: 310 hp
Transmission : Allison CLBT DRAW-WORKS
Manufacturer: Ideco

HP Rating: 310 hp
Drive Motors: Detroit 8V71
Engine HP Rating: 310 hp

Rated Single Line Pull: 30,000 lbs
Drum Sleeve: Lebus Grooved
Grooved To Suit Drill line: 7/8″ diameter Brake Cooling: Water Cooled

Manufacturer: Ideco
Model: KM-95-212-GH
API Capacity (GNC): 212,000 lbs

Rated Static Hook Load: 212,000 lbs with 6 lines

Racking Capacity Tubing: 3500m 2 7-8″ Tubing in Dbles

Racking Capacity Rods: 2300m 1″

Number of Sheaves In Crown Section: 5 only

Manufacturer: Union
Rope Diameter: 7/8″
Length: 2,500 ft
Construction: 6 x 19 EIPS
Breaking strength single pull: 70,800 lbs straight pull Union

Manufacturer: Ideco
Model: UTB-110-3-24
API working load capacity: 250,000 lbs

Manufacture: Varco – BJ
Size: 2 1/4″ x 48″
Load Capacity: 110 Tonne

Total Capacity: 430 bbl
Tank No.1 Shaker Tank 120 bbl
Tank No.2 Mix Tank: 220 bbl
Tank No.3 Acid Pill Tank 90 bbl
Tank No.4 Cement Batch Mixing Tank 20 bbl Tank No.5 Gauge Displacement Tank: 30 bbl

Manufacturer: Double life Model: Junior
Capacity: 250 gpm Quantity: One

Manufacturer: Charlynn Model: Hydraulic
Power unit: Carrier Hydraulics

Manufacture: Gardener Denver Model: PAH BFB
Max Input: 350 hp
Gallons per minute: Max 357 gpm

Manufacturer: Ramsay
Service Winch No.1 Model: RA-8
Rated Line Pull > 1st Layer: 6,000 lbs

Manufacturer: Shaffer
Model: SK
Work Pressure: 5000 psi

Manufacturer: Koomey
Model: Type 80
Bottles: 5 x 11 gallon, bottom loading

Size: 2 1/16″ – 5000 psi
Manual Choke
Model: XA-150

Tubing elevators: Sizes 2 3/8″, 2 7/8″, 3 1/2″

Manufacturer: Varco – BJ
Model: BTS
Tubing Range: 2 3/8″ to 3 1/2″
Tubing Jaws Supplied with Tong: 2 3/8″, 2 7/8″ & 3-1/2″ Power Unit: Carrier Hydraulics

Manufacturer: McCoy
Model: KT5500 5-1/2”
Torque Range: @ 2,000 psi, 18,700 ft/lbsROD TONG
Manufacturer: Varco – BJ
Power Unit: Carrier Hydraulics

Manufacture: Bear
Range: 0 – 250,000lbs

Manufacture: Harlow Sammons
Model: HS 120S
Power Unit: CAT C9



27th February 2019

Refine Energy is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Operations and Maintenance contract with Chelsea Oil & Gas and Brisbane Petroleum. The contract will involve Refine Energy restarting production from assets PL280 & PL18 in the Surat basin. These existing fields consist of a number of suspended oil producing wells with associated gas and water handling infrastructure.

Production has been shut in since 2010. Preliminary well integrity and civils works will begin in July 2019 prior to the wells being brought safely online. The objective being to revalidate the integrity and compliance of the asset ahead of restarting production within 3 months.

Production revitalisation will be supported by Refine Energy’s operations team and well intervention activities will be undertaken by the company’s heavy work- over rig.

The operating model for Refine Energy is to be compliant and at a low cost using the latest in recovery technology balanced with proven existing infrastructure to balance cost with revenue.


Refine Energy CEO, Adam Stepanoff was quoted as saying, ”We are looking forward to implementing low cost, compliant operating model into the Queensland market, these assets increase our current O&M portfolio and are our first East Coast assets”.

For further information, please contact Refine Energy at



1 February 2019

Refine Energy is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed a 2 well workover program for RCMA Australia Pty Ltd at the Jingemia Production facility asset, south of Dongara, West Australia.

RCMA is the Operator and holds a 93.7% interest in production licence L14 situated in the northern Perth Basin, 360km north of Perth. The permit covers an area of 9,835 acres. RCMA is the operator of the Jingemia field producing light oil from an excellent quality Dongara Sandstone reservoir. Production commenced late 2003 and to date 4.6 million barrels have been produced of the 12 million barrels in place. There are extensive surface facilities in place including oil storage, separators, piping, export and water injection facilities. The field has 4 oil wells producing at 330 bopd and 3 operational and 1 suspended water injection wells.

The well workover program was instigated by RCMA to boost oil production at the facility and address a number of well integrity issues. Since taking over asset operatorship for the L14 Joint Venture, RCMA has commenced a program of compliance, production enhancements and cost reductions that has seen the overall performance of the asset improve, markedly. The workover of the two suspended production wells, J10 and J12 within the Jingemia field, was the next step in driving the production upwards.  Both wells are oil producers and have a 7” production casing, 3.5” tubing, are fitted with jet pumps and an approx completion depth of 2.3km. This workover proved challenging as neither well had been in service for a number of years and both had a range of downhole issues.

Refine Energy provided a successful bid for the workover program and the contract was awarded in late November 2018. The scope of work was to manage the well intervention work which included developing the workover programs, updating safety management systems, gaining all necessary environmental, safety and other approvals required under WA regulation, removal of existing tubular and installation of new completion strings/tubular, reconfiguration and installation of jet pumps in BHA and procurement and delivery all materials and supporting services

The workover contract commenced in late November 2018 and completed successfully and to plan mid January 2019. Both wells have been brought back into production and have exceeded forecast expectations.

Speaking of behalf of RCMA, Oil and Gas Director, Chris Newport said, “RCMA view the J10 and J12 workover as a success and would like to thank Refine Energy for delivering this outcome. This program was difficult due to the pre-existing condition of both wells, nonetheless, Refine Energy responded professionally and quickly over the Christmas period to deliver the program as planned.”

This project marks the start of a new business stream for Refine Energy, expanding the capability of the Group into well intervention and workovers. Refine Energy’s CEO, Adam Stepanoff, said recently, “We are extremely pleased to have successfully completed the RCMA workover program. The program presented a number of challenges, both technically and logistically which we managed to overcome. It is also pleasing to see RCMA gain the production benefits. Our workover capability now forms a core part of our business. We can now offer cost competitive well intervention services  to the Oil and gas sector in Australia and we will be actively seeking to expand this business on the both the west and east coasts of Australia”



1 February 2019

Refine Energy is pleased to announce that it has successfully commissioned and tested a new crude oil conditioning system at the RCMA  Jingemia Production facility asset, south of Dongara, West Australia. The system treats and conditions raw crude oil, on site, to produce a liquid fuel that can be used as an onsite fuel in reciprocating engines.

RCMA is the Operator and holds a 93.7% interest in production licence L14 situated in the northern Perth Basin, 360km north of Perth. The permit covers an area of 9,835 acres. RCMA is the operator of the Jingemia field producing light oil from an excellent quality Dongara Sandstone reservoir. Production commenced late 2003 and to date 4.6 million barrels have been produced of the 12 million barrels in place. There are extensive surface facilities in place including oil storage, separators, piping, export and water injection facilities. The field has 4 oil wells producing at 330 bopd and 3 operational and 1 suspended water injection wells.

Refine Energy has developed a fuel conditioning system as a simple and cheap method of field  processing of light to medium crudes such that the product can be used as a directly in reciprocating engines without modification. The system is small, cheap, automatic and modular so that it can be rapidly installed in field applications to avoid the costly purchase and transportation of alternative fuels. It has many applications across oil production business where locally produced crude can be used as fuel source for pumps, compressors, generators and other equipment.

The Jingemia fuel conditioning unit is providing fuel supply to 2x 1000hp engine driven HPS units.

The system was designed and constructed by Refine Energy as a means of reducing the most substantial operating costs in small remote oil production facilities, namely imported fuel. The system functions by physically separating impurities such as waxes, solids, water and other impurities to deliver an end product that meets most diesel engine specifications. The system has the capability of being integrated into existing facilities or can be delivered as a standalone containerised module requiring no supporting services or infrastructure. The objective being to provide a relocatable unit that can be quickly deployed into the field to meet operator needs. The unit has been designed to meet Australia standards, is fully automated and has negligible safety and environmental impact.

Economic assessment of the technology has shown that the processing costs range between 3-5 cents  per litre of product leading to a payback period of approx 3 months based on a 20bbl/day unit. The unit size is scale-able with similar economies possible over a wide range of production rates.

Refine Energy CEO, Adam Stepanoff was quoted as saying, ”The prototype fuel conditioning unit installed at Jingemia proves that this technology works, is reliable and can deliver substantial operating cost savings to oil producers. Our plan now is to offer a range of modular fuel conditioning systems based on this new technology to the oil and gas industry”. We are able to provide the conditioning units for purchase or lease to suit the customer requirements and can arrange for delivery and commissioning, Australia-wide.

For further details on this technology, please contact Refine Energy at

Another Step Forward for Refine Energy

Another Step Forward for Refine Energy and RCMA

DATE: 20 November 2018

By Lachlan Pressland

On 5 June 2018, Qld-based oil and gas management company, Refine Energy, signed a landmark deal with international commodities major, RCMA. The contract sees Refine Energy managing RCMA’s WA upstream assets, principally the Jingemia production facility, located near Dongara in Western Australia. The contract was one of the first of its kind for the oil and gas operator, Refine Energy.

Refine Energy specialises in management of Australian onshore oil and gas upstream exploration and production facilities and has developed their own in-house approach and management system to deliver a low cost operating model whilst assuring overall asset compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

The RCMA group is a global suppliers and commodities manager, dealing in a range of various commodities, including energy.

Refine Energy plans to review plant operations now and into the future to drive asset performance improvement across the broad areas of compliance, production, costs and integrity and is proud to operate such a promising asset.

CEO Adam Stepanoff is keen to improve the operations, saying,

“Refine Energy has implemented an efficient low-cost operating model for the Jingemia oil & gas assets which was business critical for such mature assets and was missing from the Perth Basin. Our objective is drive operating costs down below A$20/bbl. We believe at this level a number of what were previously suspended or non-economic assets become commercially viable.

RCMA too looks forward to making use of the experience and talent of the Refine team and has already been seeing the rewards of improved performance with a 40% reduction in plant OPEX, production increasing from circa 65 bopd to over 250 bopd. Already the asset is seeing a 40% reduction in plant OPEX and a stunning increase of production, exceeding 200% of total after only 4 months of operation. Further improvements are planned to boost production and reduce costs.

RCMA’s Director of Oil and Gas Chris Newport has said of Refine Energy,

“RCMA in early 2018 directed Refine to focus on improvement in the Jingemia field, and on plant and compliance performance through the use of best in industry practices, science and mature oil field efficient work practices, and Refine has delivered. We look forward to working with the Refine team in 2019”.”

This deal is the first of many steps forward for both companies and illustrates the innovative approach of the Refine Energy to asset management.