Leadership is important

Compliance Experts for Oil and Gas

Refine Energy has a team available for all as aspects of asset operations. Our typical staff member has 10-20 years of experience in the industry and is recognised across the industry.


  1. Health and Safety
  2. Environment
  3. Compliance
  4. Field operations
  5. Production optimisation
  6. Engineering and asset integrity
  7. Small project management
  8. Contracts and procurement
  9. Reservoir engineering
  10. Drilling and completions
  11. Workovers
  12. Prospect and opportunity evaluation

Management Team

Adam Stepanoff

Adam Stepanoff

Managing Director


20 years of experience in Oil and Gas asset operations and service with a career spanning field, process and drilling operations. Have held key leadership positions within Shell and AGL. Specialised in asset optimisation and management.

Howard Fletcher

Howard Fletcher

Drilling & Completions Manager

Howard has 32 years experience in Oil &Gas starting with Schlumberger before holding Engineering and Management roles with Major Energy Companies within Conventional and Coal Seam Gas Industries. He holds BEng(MechEng) and a Diploma in Well Intervention from Shell Open University.

Karl Schultz

Karl Schultz

Operations Manager
Christine LeBillon

Christine LeBillon

HS&E Manager

Christine has 15 years of experience in Workplace Health, Safety and Environment within the field and corporate settings. Christine cross-industry specialisation in Oil, Gas, Mining and Construction. Christine holds a B.Env.Ss. Science and maintains an array of H & S qualifications.