RCMA Jingemia

Operator : RCMA Australia /L14 JV

ASSET Jingemia


The Jingemia Production facility (JPF) is located 360 kilometres north of Perth in the Shire of Irwin. It is situated on the western side of the Brand Highway, approximately 15km south-south-east of the Dongara town site. The JPF is situated within Production Licence L14, on Untitled Crown Land (UCL)


The JPF is designed to:

  • Produce fluids from the Dongara Sandstone;
  • Separate produced fluids into oil, water and gas;
  • Treat the oil to export specification then load it into road tanker for transport off site;
  • Treat and re-inject the water;
  • Treat and utilise the gas as fuel.

The Dongara Sandstone is the hydrocarbon bearing formation, approximately 2500m below surface. Wells are either oil producers or water injectors and ongoing reservoir management dictates the rates of these wells.

The site comprise 4 oil producing wells and 4 water reinjection wells, production separation, conditioning, storage and truck loading export.



The project was originally developed by Origin energy and successfully operated between 2002 and 2012. Post 2012, the asset was placed in care and maintenance. In late 2017, the asset was recommissioned by Cyclone Energy Pty Ltd.

On the 9thApril 2018 RCMA was appointed Operator of the JPF located within Production Licence L14 (L14), in the northern Perth Basin, Western Australia (WA). This appointment takes over from Cyclone Energy who operated L14 prior on behalf of the JV.

On the 1st of June 2018, Refine Energy was appointed the O&M management contractor by RCMA.


At commencement of Refine Energy operations on 1 June2018, operations faced significant commercial, compliance and Joint venture challenges.  An immediate value  improvement program was instigated across the asset. This included;

  • Quickly establishing areas of non compliance and addressing those with DMIRS
  • A fast track cost reduction and organisational program to bring the asset back into profitability
  • Implementation of a number of small projects across the asset to reduce costs and drive value enhancements
  • A forward business plan to ensure future asset growth


Within 4 months, the following outcomes were realised;

  1. No incidents nor accidents
  2. Full Asset compliance with all WA regulations and Acts
  3. 40% reduction in opex
  4. 290% improvement in production
  5. Ability to reduced UTC to less than A$20/bbl
  6. Successful Safety, Environment and well integrity Audits by DMIRS