Agility Squared have implemented the REFINE BASICS approach for Refine Energy  into a specialised CRM / Document Management system called CYBRIX . This system has been developed with a PHP framework and can be cloud based or installed locally if required. Cybrix can easily be applied and can be tailored through a range of specialist add on modules to match the business needs.

  • Secure Management Of Data

    Data is protected by a triple layer of security. Hardware firewalls, Brute Force Protection and IP Table restrictions.

  • Cloud Based Technology

    Our cloud configuration is a scalable distributed application managing workloads over multiple disks in RAID 10 and utilising 24 CPU cores.

  • Worldwide and around the clock access

    Our System is available worldwide and 24/7 with a minimum uptime guarantee of 99.5% up time

  • Business Process Implementation

    CYBRIX is based on a PHP CRM framework which is used to ensure effective business process management and automation

  • Fast and Reliable Systems

    CYBRIX is connected to the public Internet with a 500 Mbit/s network connection, and connected to a fully isolated, private network with a 1 Gbit/s network connection with DDOS protection.

  • Local In-House Hosting Available

    CYBRIX can be installed on an in-house locally hosted server if required.